Top Slider

You have full control over Directory Pro. You can show/hide the top slider of single listing page.

You can also on/off the slider auto run. By default it is set to auto run.

Select Page Layout

Currently Directory Pro has three layout for single listing page. They are

Two Colum : It's the default layout for single listing page. It hase two column with top slider and contact information in right column.

One Colum : It's only one column layout for single listing page. It hase single column with top slider.

Feature Image Top Right : It's also two column layout for single listing page. But it display feature image at the top of right column.

Change The Icon and Label

You can change the icon and label of single listing. And also show/hide the icon.

For changing the icons. Just give the fontawesome class of the icon in the box and here you can also set the icon label. Directory Pro used the fontawesome 5.

Contact Info

You have full control over the contact information block. You can change everything here. You can show/hide the contact form. And also can add new contact form if you don't want to use default contact form.

You can show/hide the social icons below the contact info. And also can set the dummy text.

You can also change the contact form type. You can choose whetehr it will be poped up while click or it will show the form.

Show/Hide Buttons

Directory Pro gives the user full oppurtutinity to modify the site. You can show/hide the similiar listing, map, opening time, details and the video.