Create Page With Shortcode

Directory Pro always gives the users most access over the plugin. Users can make different page with just one line of shortcode. To use this shortcode, Just create a full width page and copy the shortcode you want and paste it.

To create a new page just go to Dashboard > pages > Add New or click on the + New from the top admin bar left side.

Then give the page a name and click on the block left side rounded plus + and search for [/] Shortcode

Then paste the shortcode you copied and publish the page. That's all, you will get the page ready.

List Of All Shortcodes

Archive Page(ALL Listings)

List With Left Faceted Search :

Grid With Top Filter & Search :

Grid With Left Faceted Search :

Grid With Left Filter & Search :

Grid With Top Alphabet Sort :

Listing Filter

Listing Display by category :
[listing_layout_style_4 category='hotel']

Listings List Filter by City :
[listing_filter city="new york"]

Listings List Filter by Zip Code :
[listing_filter zipcode="10001"]

Listings List Filter by Category :
[listing_filter category="arts"]


Pricing Table :

Signup Form :

My Account :

Login :

User Directory :

Public Profile :

Category Page

Listing Categories :

Listing Category Tree (With Sub Category) :

Some Other Important Shortcodes

Listing Filter ( You can use any parameter e.g. background_color,post_limit ) :
[listing_filter background_color="#EFEFEF" post_limit="3"]

Featured Listing :
[directorypro_featured] Or [directorypro_featured post_limit='3' category='test'] (If you want to use parameter)

Listing city :
[directorypro_cities cities="london,new york,FLORIDA,California"]

Listing Categories :

Search bar(You can use without slider too) :

Listing Carousel :
[listing_carousel background_color='#EFEFEF' post_limit="10"]

Display Listing Categories :
[directorypro_categories slugs="hotel, food"]

Display Listing Map :