Listing Fields

Listing Fields are the fields that are shown in single listing page.

Edit/Delete Listing Field

You have full control over the listing fields. You can edit or delete the existing listing field. You can also add new listing field. To edit or delete the existing listing field just go to Dashboard > Directory Pro> Settings > Listing Fields

Here you can see all the existing listing fields. For Editing click on the box and edit the text. You can also delete the existing listing field by just clicking on DELETE button on right side of each listing field.

Add New Listing Field

You can add new listing field as much as you want. To add a new listing field click on ADD MORE

When you click on add more, you will get two input box just write the meta name and label(label will be displayed on frontend). And save the changes.

Show/Hide Section in add/edit Listing

You can control which listing field will you keep in your site. You can show/hide then as you wish. If you hide any field. It will be hide from the add/edit listing page.