Directory Pro- WordPress Plugin

Paid & free directory listing + Membership plugin

When you purchase our Plugin from codecanyon, you need to download the directory-pro Plugin files from your codecanyon account. Navigate to your downloads tab on codecanyon and find directory-pro . Click the download button to see the two options. The Main Files contain everything, the Installable WordPress Plugin is just the installable WordPress Plugin file. Below is a full list of everything that is included when you download the main files, along with a brief description of each item.




After installing the file successfully you will see like this in the dashboard. Click Active link to active Plugin.

If you need any support Or issue then submit your message HERE


Import XML file from Wp-admin dashboard: full-demo.xml

You can use the plugin/any CSV importing plugin for importing  data

1. Create a listing from "My Account"
2. Export CSV
3. Add new data on CSV
4. Import CSV.

Admin can set the setting for user:

After installing the Plugin will create pages.

1.Pricing Table Page

2.Registration Page

3.Registration Page: Without Package

4.Login Page

5.My Account Page

6.My Account Page

7.All Listing

8.Upgrade Account


10.Who are interested about my listing

12.User Directory Page

13.User Public Profile Page

Listing Display by category ShortCode
[listing_layout_style_4 category='hotel']

Listing Display Style 1 ShortCode

Listing Display Style 2 ShortCode

Listing Display Style 3 ShortCode

Listing Display Style 4 ShortCode

Listings List by City Short Code
Short Code : [listing_filter city="new york" ]

Listings List by Zip Code Short Code
Short Code : [listing_filter zipcode="10001" ]

Listings List by Category Short Code
Short Code : [listing_filter category="arts" ]

Listings List by All Short Code
Short Code : [listing_filter category="arts" zipcode="10001" city="new york" ]

Revolution Sliders Search shortCode
[slider_search bgcolor='6C7A89']

Display Listing Categories Shortcode:
[directorypro_categories slugs="hotel, food"]

Display featured Listing Shortcode:
[directorypro_featured post_ids="22,26,48"]

Display Listing Map Only Shortcode:

Membership Shortcode

Pricing Table
Short Code : [iv_directories_price_table]
PHP Code : <?php echo do_shortcode('[iv_directories_price_table ]'); ?>

Signup Form
Short Code : [iv_directories_form_wizard]
PHP Code : <?php echo do_shortcode('[iv_directories_form_wizard ]'); ?>

My Account
Short Code : [ep_fitness_profile_template]
PHP Code : <?php echo do_shortcode('[ep_fitness_profile_template ]'); ?>

Short Code : [iv_directories_login]
PHP Code : <?php echo do_shortcode('[iv_directories_login ]'); ?>

User Directory
Short Code : [iv_directories_user_directory]
PHP Code : <?php echo do_shortcode('[iv_directories_user_directory ]'); ?>

Public Profile
Short Code : [iv_directories_profile_public]
PHP Code : <?php echo do_shortcode('[iv_directories_profile_public ]'); ?>

Add bidding amount from My Account page:

Bidding Listing from My Account page:

Bidding Listing from My Account page:

Bidding Setting:

1.The list owner will get the money from PayPal account as he/she adds the PayPal email address on listing create page .
If anyone buy the┬áDeal/Coupon then listing owner and buyer will get email with deal/coupon id.  

The template files can be found here : /plugins/directory-pro/template : Copy the template folder and paste into on your current theme folder and rename it as "directorypro" e.g. /themes / twentyseventeen / directorypro

Why Overriding templates: If you change any thing on the template file then it will will not affect on your change of the plugin next upgrade .

Use the plugin


1. Please download the software

2. Open file epfitness/language/xxxx.po by the software.

3. Change text to your language by the poedit software and save.

Admin can create unlimited package.
User role "Basic" will create on the plugin activation.
The "Basic" role has only file upoload privilege.
For under the package user will get the package role [upload pic, add post, edit post].
After cancel or unsuccesful payment it will convert to "Basic" Role.

If your user can add free listing then select the package role here

You need 3 steps to add woocommerce payment gateway

Step 1 : Create woocommerce Product/Subscription

Step 2 : Select Woocommerce Payment Gateway from plugin setting-> Payment gateway

Step 3 : Create /Edit Package & select a woocommerce product

Now User can use woocommerce payment gateway from plugin "User Registration" page.
The woocommerce oder status will be "Processing".
When site admin set "Completed" the oder status then the user role will change(When the user try to login).

If you want auto complate order status then use the plugin :

Admin can change user's role , expire date and payment status.

The Plugin will creates pages when it will active.

Only Login user can claim

When any user claim then site admin will get email with listing link and user email and user ID

Site Admin can take action from dashboard, Admin can change the author and set approve

This is email template page. You can edit the template.
List of email Template
1. Signup email
2. Forgot password email
3. Payment invoice email
4. Listing Contact emai client + admin
5. Contact us Admin email
6. Contact us user Auto replu email

User Signup email will store on MailChimp list.

You can use this plugin to import user


Sample CSV file Sample-Membership.csv